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Hyper-local Communication

It time to drive your business forward, get to know your clients online as you do in-store, all done automatically for you, as you run your business.

Free landing pages

SAVE money, promoting your business without costly online services and running campaigns to people you actually have been at your location.

Extensive Documentation

No coding required and you can easily manage your own graphics.  Comprehensive training in your own private network login, control your OWN image !

Sell Online

No programming needed all plug and play, built to drive users straight to your store/offer with detailed analytic and social data reports.

Create A Beautiful Presence For The World To See, Mobile optimised and ready for All Devices

First Impressions count, give real impact and true return for your investment, a poor website and style, will drive clients away form even the best products or business.

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A Set of Business Tools Like No Other

Don’t fall for hype !  Get straight to your clients and their opinions of your business, knowledge is key to improvement or spreading the good news stories.  Join the revolution. !


Create Your Own Genuine Brand and Engage YOUR Clients like Never Before.

Marketing campaigns or platforms to drive your brand without first getting the maximum return from your current clients is money NOT well spent, they do more than you think.  Decide to meet at your location, Refer your business to friends and post comments in Social Media.

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What Are You Waiting For ? Start Today !

Insights Analytic data, Social Media management powered Marketing.

Using unique, easy to use tools and proximity gain insights and analytic data to support your business marketing


Let Customers Know Why You Are The Best

Know your customer, engage them and drive your profits

Engaged clients spend more, its that simple, we show you how !


Proximity and Loyalty solutions

Integrated technology solutions bring hyper local revenues

Real time data, instant communication using unique solutions to drive your sales


From Corner Shop to National Chain

Single site or multiple locations easily managed

Simple Logistics and Super Easy Platform to Manage Your Network, no matter the scale of your business

Design Your Brand Image !  Celebrate YOUR success !

Let your social media and marketing requirements run 24/7 while you focus on your business, more time to get things right.


Social Media is a driver and and marketing is crucial, and sales are the return on your investment, turn this cost centre into a revenue centre. Subscribe to our newsletter to get tips and tricks to increase your followers and likes on your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most profitable marketing strategies that exists. Choosing the right influencers for your business and converting your existing clientele into an army of influencers is proven people pay more attention and rely much more on recommendations from friends and family than in any other source of information including any advertising. Influencer marketing has become one of the most innovative trends in recent years in Brand marketing.

There are studies that show that 83% of consumers when satisfied are willing to recommend products or services directly. However, only 29% of them are really willing to recommend. Offering rewards to your customers for each recommendation they make is a smart way to encourage them to talk about your product, whether it’s with their friends, family, and all their followers across numerous social networks. This is where influencer marketing comes into play.

According to a recent survey, brands using influencers’ marketing are seeing a return on their investment of $ 6.85 for every $ 1 spent. Influencer marketing is also the fastest growing customer acquisition channel in the world, advancing traditional marketing channels such as search ads, Facebook ads, email marketing, etc. Another recent survey revealed that 22% of the total customer acquisition in the world is done through influencer marketing.

Entrepreneurs who have the habit of analyzing data, of obtaining useful information from their analytics tools and of using that information to take action, are the most successful.  Companies that incorporate data into their weekly reports stand out, you can tell the difference when you look at their performance.

Successful companies focus on solving their primary bottlenecks first. Start each week by opening your analytics and having a clear picture of what your priorities should be for the next steps or campaign.

Weekly Reports will show your improvement over last week. Using a colour coding system will make it easier for you to identify the main metrics on which you should focus.

The conversion rate is critical and businesses should focus their efforts on optimizing their landing pages, the user experience in the store, blogs and the sales funnel to improve their conversion rate and sell more.

You can also simply track your metrics in a spreadsheet or on a whiteboard. Here the issue of interest is to establish priorities regarding what is relevant to the work that week. You need to understand, if you are improving your numbers, that it is necessary to always compare your data for the current week with those of last week.

Once you have found what your most significant problems are, brainstorm ideas that can have a positive impact on the metrics in your panel that are in red. Put those ideas into action and keep doing the same weekly checks to see if your numbers have improved.

The rise of social networks – of the digital society – has left us with two great lessons: 1) Online platforms are incredibly effective to make content viral. 2) As much as marketing experts want to sell us the idea that all marketing can be done digitally, the reality is that digital platforms – social networks – can not replace the trust generated by real human contact.

Walking through many of the streets of Europe you face a swarm of street vendors “direct marketing”. The people who come, hand in hand or folder ready, to try to place and sell you a product or a service.

Well-established brands, international corporations, prestigious banks worldwide and public and private institutions that, without a doubt, have enough resources to pay for any type of advertising campaign. They are not handing out flyers because “they have no choice” or because “it is the only thing that fits into their budget”. They hand out flyers because it is effective.

Can we look for a path that is digital and massive but takes advantage of that trust that comes from contact with another human being? Is there “The best of two worlds”?  The answer is yes; use augmented reality campaigns.

A flyer does not have to be a simple paper. It can be much more. It can be a link! A link that takes your potential customer directly to your online store. A flyer with a QR code allows anyone with a QR reader on the phone to read the code and be directed to your web portal, your store, offer or the URL you want.

If you are smart and you know how to take advantage of the feeling of confidence and intimacy that direct contact represents. To use the flyer to deliver a premium item, a special offer, a surprise discount, something that is not accessible in any other way but exclusively through that flyer. This immediately gives you enormous value. Creating expectation in those who receive it, in addition to the feeling of worth, that it is not just another role that they give to your marketing, on the contrary, an opportunity, a discount or a benefit.

Let’s create our own QR codes, right inside the SocialHotspot platform !

For this we are going to create a campaign for our QR code as a showcase for your sales – be it a traditional website or a social network – create a new page with a special, attractive and unique offer, whose access is only possible through the QR code .

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StarIt is filled with a variety of shortcodes and elements, made especially for you.

Let Clients Know Why ‘YOUR’ Business is the Best

Communication is critical, you do not always have time to talk to every guest when they visit, but with SocialHotspot you can be sure you do reach out to them.


Lots of late nights to get Social Hotspot live.

Graphic Designer

Great design and Imagination gives that first impression that users want.


Keeps everything ship shape and future ready

Senior Engineer and Founder

Years of experience gets the quality right first time !

No Coding Required ! All based on Plug and Play systems

Single Hotpot or existing network, we have you covered, Ruckus, IBM, Meraki, Linux or Cisco a simple setting gives you all the benefits, Contact us on admin@socialhotspot.co

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Do you want custom tools, white Label solutions or a complete platform, let us know !

Loyalty systems, ROI, Advertising whatever it is we can take care of you...
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Beautiful Design

Built so anyone can manage the panel.
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Easy Drag And Drop 

Simple drag your new graphic and set in place we do all the rest....
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What Are You Waiting For? Start Today!

Less than 5 minutes sets up your social hotspot, you add one internet cable and turn the power on thats it !!  It automatically updates and you can make changes instantly on a local device or across hundreds.

Make a difference

Unmatched power

Retina ready

Satisfied clients

Control the design

Imagine and create


Citywide WiFi networks, local hotspots, in-store units or mobile we have it covered


Not satisfied with beacons on the market we invented our own, long range, long life and simple to setup.


Add media files quickly and update your offers and information

Prove It

Provide advertisers with real analytic data on social, traffic and engagement.

Easy & Simple, it is all Drag and Drop - No Coding Required !

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